Barrock – Oxian (1994)

This is the second album by Barrock, who hail from Pordenone in Italy. Comprising four musicians, together with two female vocalists, this album is unlike much music currently around.

In fact, the group they have most in common with is The Enid. Oxian is one that takes its inspiration from music of the past, most notably baroque and renaissance, but mixes these well with more modern ideas. The lyrics that exist are sung in Italian, but it is the instrumental quality of this album that makes it shine. They can switch from delicate, almost chamber music, to sweeping orchestral with punishing electric guitar without a pause for breath. Anyone who likes the more complex work of ELP, or maybe even The Nice (although with different keyboard sounds) would find something here for them.

The diversity of the music may not appeal to those who want a more ‘rock’ based approach, but if you are remotely interested in classical music and are open to a new interpretation then this will be for you.

01. Fuga Sul Tema Di Oxian (1:37)
02. Profughi
—   a) Intro (1:56)
—   b) Oltre I Monti (5:29)
03. Rosalidia (2:28)
04. La Legenda Di Rosilidia (3:53)
05. Il Demone (2:45)
06. Il Tempio (5:11)
07. Il Monde Di Oxian (4:17)
08. Il Vampiro (8:36)
09. La Rivoltadi Popolo (7:56)
10. Guerra! (3:41)

Valter Poles – guitar, synths
Giuseppe Vendramin – synths
Giampaolo Poles – bass
Maurizio Poles – drums
Graziella Vendramin – vocals
Paola Poles – vocals


Original publishing:
Feedback ≠27, February 1995.

The Progressive Underground Volume 1
, November 2018, Page 65.

UK   USA   Germany   Fra  Italy  Australia  Brazil  Japan  Spain 


Oxian Book Cover Oxian
Prog Rock, Symphonic Rock
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