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Madrigal ‎– Waiting… (1989)

Madrigal were originally formed in 1977 by David Cebert (keyboards) and Kevin Dodson (vocals, drums), since when they have undergone numerous personnel changes. In 1982, there was a change in direction and a change in name, as they became a covers band called UVU to earn some money. This lasted until 1985 when the band broke up, which featured the end of the writing partnership of Cebert and Dodson. VIAC Madrigal ‎– Waiting… (1989)

Waiting... Book Cover Waiting...
Prog Rock
Every Third Person Records

Jericho Jones – Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys (1971)

In a way, it was predictable that a country as set on the Anglo rock culture as Israel would produce a few solid acts. There were few of those, and it’s a shame that JERICHO JONES didn’t make it big. Still, were they any different from many a band on the thriving British scene of the early ’70s? GUN, anyone? VIAC Jericho Jones – Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys (1971)

Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys Book Cover Junkies, Monkeys & Donkeys
Jericho Jones
Hard Rock
CD Repertoire Records ‎– RR 4101-WZ /1990/

The Zippers ‎– The Zippers (1990)

Still catching the skin, legacy album of American ensemble snaps out of lethargy.

This Pittsburgh group seemed destined to hit the big time but, instead, found themselves doomed, due to the record label’s politics, and hit bottom, having left only two LPs in their wake: 1987’s self-released debut and its self-titled follow-up which more than deserves rediscovery. VIAC The Zippers ‎– The Zippers (1990)

The Zippers Book Cover The Zippers
The Zippers
Hard Rock
MCA Records
CD Angel Air Records ‎– SJPCD512 /2018/

Krel – Ad Astra (1997)

There are arguably far too few bands trying to emulate the mighty Hawkwind, so when I saw that this CD was by a band that had completed a full tour with them as long ago as 1992, Iknew I was in for a treat. Then I read that Andy G had been inspired to set up the Dead Ernest label just to release this album and I was quite intrigued. VIAC Krel – Ad Astra (1997)

Ad Astra Book Cover Ad Astra
Space Rock
Dead Earnest

VANILLA FUDGE – Live At Sweden Rock 2016 (2017)

Heroes of heavy rock reclaim their rightful place in history and win the day to make their renaissance eternal.

A seminal ensemble whose role in the development of popular music must not be underestimated, this band aren’t recognized nowadays on a level they deserve, so the quartet’s invitation to the Sweden Rock Festival should have validated them in the eyes of unbelievers – and it did. VIAC VANILLA FUDGE – Live At Sweden Rock 2016 (2017)

Live At Sweden Rock 2016 - The 50th Anniversary Book Cover Live At Sweden Rock 2016 - The 50th Anniversary
Vanilla Fudge
Psychedelic Rock, Hard Rock


This is Alan Tepper’s second album, where a new rhythm section and also a guest flautist have joined him. Although both have been released in Germany by Ohrwaschl, his debut Ode To Life was also released in the UK on vinyl by ACME. VIAC FANTASYY FACTORYY – TALES TO TELL (1997)

Tales To Tell Book Cover Tales To Tell
Fantasyy Factoryy
Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock
Ohrwaschl Records


Saying, “Scottish rock”, we mean NAZARETH – there’s no better synonym. Four decades into their career, the band still rock hard, so one cannot help but think of the Highlander and his immortality. Still, they’re mortals, and it’s the words that sound rather serious and pretentious, not their music. Of all the merry bunch bassist Pete Agnew is, perhaps, the one who fleshes out the very spirit of the group. Your heard him play, you heard him sing, now hear him talk. VIAC FROM MY ARCHIVE: FEBRUARY 2004 – PETE AGNEW (INTERVIEW)

Darxtar – Daybreak (1994)

As far as I am aware, this album is unavailable in the UK, which is a crying shame. Artur thought that I may be interested in this CD from Swedish band darXtar, and he is definitely right. The artwork gives a space rock feel to proceedings, and this is continued with the music. VIAC Darxtar – Daybreak (1994)

Daybreak Book Cover Daybreak
Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock
SBm Sweden

FROM MY ARCHIVE: February 2008 – NICK SIMPER (Interview)

Here’s a classic case of a legend overshadowing a man behind it. A monster that is DEEP PURPLE wouldn’t be as massive if not for the band’s first line-up’s heavy leanings of bassist Nick Simper and a certain guitar player. But once Simper was out of it, only a few people have followed his career which produced so much great music. Back to his rock ‘n’ roll roots with GOOD OL’ BOYS currently, Nick’s still doing what he does best – locking into the groove with full abandon. Quite like he took it to our conversation. VIAC FROM MY ARCHIVE: February 2008 – NICK SIMPER (Interview)

WISHBONE ASH – Live At Rockpalast 1976

Shining out of the darkness, British quartet get on with the times and stage a stellar set across the ocean from their new home.

For all of this band’s initial brilliance, it took them a few years to establish a pattern different to progressive drift that had always been there, but the difficulty was a result of the change in the musical climate, not the ensemble’s own creative conflicts. VIAC WISHBONE ASH – Live At Rockpalast 1976

Live At Rockpalast 1976 Book Cover Live At Rockpalast 1976
Wishbone Ash
Hard Rock

IQ – Tales From The Lush Attic (1983)

IQ’s debut vinyl album was released in 1983, initially only available through mail order or at gigs. At long last it has been released on CD in the UK (although it has previously been available as an import). VIAC IQ – Tales From The Lush Attic (1983)

Tales From The Lush Attic Book Cover Tales From The Lush Attic
Prog Rock, Neo Prog
The Major Record Company
CD Giant Electric Pea ‎– GEPCD1010 /1994/