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The year is 1980. AC/DC have just lost their frontman Bon Scott and are looking for a replacement. Auditions are held simultaneously in London and Sydney. In the British capital, the band itself is trying out potential singers. In the southern hemisphere, a certain Allan Fryer from Adelaide is auditioning, under the watchful eye of VIAC Heaven

Head Machine – Orgasm (1970)

Recorded in 1969, this was originally planned to be the third album for The Gods, before being released as being by Head Machine. The Gods were an important band in the late Sixties, less for their releases but who went through their ranks. VIAC Head Machine – Orgasm (1970)

Orgasm Book Cover Orgasm
Head Machine
Hard Rock, Prog Rock
Major Minor
CD Aurora – AUCD5029 /UK, 2013/

David Kollar & Arve Henriksen ‎– Unexpected Isolation (2020)

The year when many of us found ourselves in unexpected isolation, and with their Prague concert cancelled in March 2020, David and Arve decided that if they could not express themselves together onstage then they would do so in the recorded medium. VIAC David Kollar & Arve Henriksen ‎– Unexpected Isolation (2020)

Unexpected Isolation Book Cover Unexpected Isolation
David Kollar & Arve Henriksen
Contemporary Jazz

From my archive: November 1999 – KEN HENSLEY (Interview)

You may think of him as of rock ‘n’ roll prima donna or devout Christian, as of extremely humble person or a raging star – there are two things you can’t deny, one being his music and the other that Ken Hensley is a genius, with a songwriting gift equal to Paul McCartney’s and Brian Wilson’s, and a poetic eloquence to knock off both. “He’s going to return”, was a line of his, and Ken might have been singing about himself, because now he’s back and full-on. VIAC From my archive: November 1999 – KEN HENSLEY (Interview)