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Magnum – Dance Of The Black Tattoo (2021)

It has been three years since The Valley Of Tears – The Ballads, a compilation that focused on their quiet, more otherworldly and dreamy side, and now they are back with a companion release which focuses on the harder side. VIAC Magnum – Dance Of The Black Tattoo (2021)

Dance Of The Black Tattoo Book Cover Dance Of The Black Tattoo
Hard Rock, AOR
SPV / Steamhammer

STEVE MARRINER – Hope Dies Last (2021)

From Ottawa to Toronto and on to the world with words of wisdom: Canadian blues-breaker bucks the pessimistic trend.

Not that Steve Marriner has been twiddling his thumbs since stepping on a solo route with Going Up back in 2007 – although what can a musician do except to move his digits? – but the process of living up to the debut’s promise saw this artist involved in various collectives rather than pursue a personal path. VIAC STEVE MARRINER – Hope Dies Last (2021)

Hope Dies Last Book Cover Hope Dies Last
Steve Marriner
Blues Rock
Stony Plain Records
02. Jul 2021

Mountain ‎– Crossroader: An Anthology 1970-1974 (2010)

Spanning 1969-1974, a primer of the Woodstock wrestlers’ initial circle of life on and off stage.

Wrongly viewed as an American answer to CREAM, this band’s mojo was – and still is – less pure in bluesy terms and more varied in style. VIAC Mountain ‎– Crossroader: An Anthology 1970-1974 (2010)

Crossroader: An Anthology 1970-1974 Book Cover Crossroader: An Anthology 1970-1974
Hard Rock
Esoteric Recordings

Madrigal ‎– Waiting… (1989)

Madrigal were originally formed in 1977 by David Cebert (keyboards) and Kevin Dodson (vocals, drums), since when they have undergone numerous personnel changes. In 1982, there was a change in direction and a change in name, as they became a covers band called UVU to earn some money. This lasted until 1985 when the band broke up, which featured the end of the writing partnership of Cebert and Dodson. VIAC Madrigal ‎– Waiting… (1989)

Waiting... Book Cover Waiting...
Prog Rock
Every Third Person Records