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Darxtar – Daybreak (1994)

As far as I am aware, this album is unavailable in the UK, which is a crying shame. Artur thought that I may be interested in this CD from Swedish band darXtar, and he is definitely right. The artwork gives a space rock feel to proceedings, and this is continued with the music. VIAC Darxtar – Daybreak (1994)

Daybreak Book Cover Daybreak
Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock
SBm Sweden

FROM MY ARCHIVE: February 2008 – NICK SIMPER (Interview)

Here’s a classic case of a legend overshadowing a man behind it. A monster that is DEEP PURPLE wouldn’t be as massive if not for the band’s first line-up’s heavy leanings of bassist Nick Simper and a certain guitar player. But once Simper was out of it, only a few people have followed his career which produced so much great music. Back to his rock ‘n’ roll roots with GOOD OL’ BOYS currently, Nick’s still doing what he does best – locking into the groove with full abandon. Quite like he took it to our conversation. VIAC FROM MY ARCHIVE: February 2008 – NICK SIMPER (Interview)