Darxtar – Daybreak (1994)

As far as I am aware, this album is unavailable in the UK, which is a crying shame. Artur thought that I may be interested in this CD from Swedish band darXtar, and he is definitely right. The artwork gives a space rock feel to proceedings, and this is continued with the music.

DarXtar are musically a mix between Poisoned Electrick Head and Hawkwind, and definitely know what they are about. It took a while for this CD to actually reach the player, and I am glad that it did so because it would have been a real pain to have to put it to one side while I listened to others, knowing just how good it was. There are six tracks on here, and from Eternal War to the fifteen minute plus Into The Unknown they are all superb.

Hopefully I will get in touch with the band before the next issue, but if you are intrigued by this solid slab of space rock then get in touch with the label.

1.  Meternal War  9:09
2.  Magicians  0:55
3.  Voices of My Dreams  9:04
4.  Dark Daze  7:08
5.  Valley of Time  5:46
6.  Travel Fast Nowhere  5:51
7.  Into the Unknown  15:26

K. Sören Bengtsson – vocals, guitar
Juha Nurmenniemi – vocals, bass
Patric Daniellson – drums
Søren Mårtensson – organs & synthesizers
Fredric Sundqvist – violin

Original publishing:
Feedback ≠29, December 1995.

The Progressive Underground Volume 1
November 2018, Page 136.

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Daybreak Book Cover Daybreak
Space Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock
SBm Sweden

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